Learn, Lead, Build, Restore.

Learn, Lead, Build, Restore. These are the words I’ve come to use to briefly describe how I’m constructed, how I’ve been made.  These four traits are the variables that tend to get me excited, that get me up in the morning and that drive how passionate I am about a task or topic.

  • Learn – Something new every day – attentiveness and curiosity are hard wired into my being.
  • Lead – Driving and helping shape the direction and culture around me, whether at work, home, church or elsewhere.
  • Build – Creating something from nothing – starting with a need, brainstorming creative ideas, collaboratively identifying the best path forward and delivering outstanding results to meet that need.
  • Restore – I get tremendous satisfaction out of identifying that which is broken and helping make it right.

When considering opportunities, I use these traits to evaluate fit.  I continually seek to find or create work that embodies these characteristics and look to apply these traits in all projects that I take on.

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